Jacqueline Dolynny
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Immediate, Quality, Caring Service

Saskatoon's Real Estate Agent

Saskatoon Real Estate Listing AgentAs someone who personally has lived in Saskatoon long enough to raise adult children and with a personal enthusiasm when it comes to homes, interior design, and renovation. Jacqueline knows Saskatoon inside out and can answer your questions that you have about Saskatoon home listings, living and working in Saskatoon, Saskatoon real estate, safe neighborhoods in Saskatoon for your children. She can also answer questions on real estate investing,  moving for University (University of SK students), fixer-uppers, Saskatoon revenue property listings and even finding the perfect neighborhood for your children to go to school and for you to easily commute to your new job in Saskatoon within your price range. 


The most important thing to me is how my clients feel about the whole Real Estate experience…. Did I do everything professionally and empathetically? Did my clients know and feel, that throughout the whole process, I kept their needs in mind? Did they feel comfortable? Did they enjoy the time we spent together? By the time the final detail was taken care of, did my clients feel that they could confidently refer me to even their closest friends and relatives?


If you are buying a Saskatoon home from outside of Saskatoon, or even outside of the country... Jacqueline will take your hand and explain which listings you may be interested could be in a less than ideal location. Or warn you of homes that may have a bad market value or future appreciation. Let Jacqueline use her Saskatoon real estate expertise to suggest homes with good investment potential as well as everything you may need to know to make your new perfect Saskatoon house a home. 


Jacqueline is not the kind of Real Estate agent who will be bombarding you with emails, calls or pressuring you to buy a home quickly and decide. The one thing everyone says about Jacqueline is that she is friendly, treats them like a great friend and never pushy and doesn't depend on sales tactics to "make the sale." Jacqueline has had repeat business for twenty years in Saskatoon, mostly word of mouth. This is due to her very warm demeanor and dedication to the right home for the right family and never pushing anyone into a Saskatoon home that isn't right for them or they are unsure of. It's all about the right fit to make your Saskatoon house into your Home in Saskatoon.